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Penalty Fever Guide to Help You Get Better At Your Game

You have wasted hours to get better at Penalty fever but no avail? Don't worry we are here to help you with the following Penalty Fever Guide. This guide contains a broad range of tips and tactics to help you improve your gameplay. So grab a cup of tea and start reading.

Firing Up

When you learn the basics of how to play soccer, you evidently improve the chances of making your penalty kick count. If you have made your mind where you are going to shoot the ball, you need to stick with the decision. The problem is, many penalties are missed just because players change their mind for where they are going to shoot. Even if you are planning to hit it hard in the middle, once you have made your mind, you need to stick with your decision. Or else the probability of you score the goal is even decreased.

Placement and Tactic

This is the very crux of Penalty Fever. According to the elders of football, you should always put your efforts in the bottom corner. But if you are in the mood to experiment, you should go to the top corner but doing this many increases the risk of shooting over the crossbar.

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If you kick in the bottom corner with power, this will be the most challenging place for any goalkeeper to reach. So whatever you decide, the harder you hit the ball, the better it will be. Well, you don't have to lose control by overextending yourself, but a nice and firm hit is what you least should try for. The fact is, the more you practice, the more power you can introduce.

If you want to go for the bottom corner, you should make your kick more of a pass and drive through your instep, just like passing the ball to one of your teammates.

Height helps to make a conventional shot. So if you are looking how you can score a goal with it, Penalty Fever Guide will be obliged to help you. Just widen the distance between standing foot and ball, lean back a bit and make contact with big two regions inside of your show. The goalkeeper is always looking to get a kick at half the height of goal. This is the perfect space for them to get the ball on their hand. So if you are going to aim high, never try to compromise. It won't do you any good.

Learn What the Goal Keeper is thinking

The fact is, a well-trained goalkeeper pick a side of the goal to dive even before the kick is taken. They will stay firm with their decision and try to cover as much space as they can by spreading their arms and getting low.

As the striker goes for the kick, accuracy becomes the most important thing. If you get lucky, the goalkeeper will go in the wrong way. It is very difficult for a keeper to stop a kick that is shot right in the corner. The Penalty Fever Guide is not all about luck, so you need to stop taking any chances. Just disregard the keeper and pay attention to your shot.

As you learn to play soccer, just keep it simple. Practice a lot to get confidence with penalty shots. If you care to search a bit, you will find more advanced techniques that you will want to try. However, you should know that they can be riskier.

How to Improve your Penalty Kick

This Penalty Fever Guide is providing you with the following pointers that will help you to improve your kick!

  • Change the direction of your kick after you have seen the goalkeeper move. Slow your run up because the keeper will dive on one side, this is where you should kick the ball in exactly opposite direction
  • Chip down the middle, the best kick this Penalty Fever Guide can name. It has more risk somewhat, but it's worth that. Just run up and fake to kick the ball before slowing down in last second and lifting a delicate chip straight to own the middle. The ball will nest in back of net while the keeper will be sprawled on either side

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