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Everything you need to know about Penalty Fever

Time to rejoice because the boffins of taking a perfect penalty kick are finally discovered, this is helpful if you play Penalty Fever because this game is all about you. To maximize your accuracy with the velocity you need to strike hard. To do so, you need to get yourself acquainted with the following points

Do Pros Miss Their Penalty Kick?

Yes! It’s not much of a physical skill but luck and mental strength. The list goes on including all your favorite who have at least once missed a penalty kick in their life. So if you ever miss one yourself, there is no point of beating yourself to it, you are not the only one, and it happens to everyone. So no need of creating havoc for it, it’s a mental state as state rises, the pressure of the shot also climbs.

Is Better Let the Opposing Team Shoot First or Not?

Well, this is not a choice you are provided in Penalty Fever, however in real sports, it matters. If you take the shot first, it will put a lot of pressure on the other team. In case let the other team take the shot first, and then you will at least know what you need to do. The final answer is not a right or wrong here. But if you are looking for an official answer, it’s to shoot second have all the pressure to perform to increase your morale.

Are you allowed to pass on the Kick to Another Team Member?

Once again this is not quite a choice you can make in Penalty Fever, but it becomes quite interesting in the real world. Yes, you can do it if you take some precautions. To make sure of it, the penalty needs to be taken within a game and not during a penalty shootout.

Being a shooter, if you pass the ball forward, a yard and your team member runs in after touching it to make a score. It becomes risky in opinion foolish because you already had enough of advantage from twelve yards to complicate the whole situation.

To be honest, this is a bit rare today but it used to be a routine previously.

Is it Possible to Score off a Rebound from Penalty Kick?

This is quite the thing in this game; you don’t need any special circumstances for it. As every shot in here is counted as a PK, there is nothing much to be taking during the whole game. Although, it still doesn’t count if the ball goes on the post, so be careful.

The deal is, the player needs to step up and call the shot. The goalie saves the goal and the ball again comes back to the player who shot it. The shooter again calls it in and the keeper miss it as he was unable to take a break.

Things to Mind when Taking a Penalty Kick

  • You have to pick a spot and shoot (not very applicable in Penalty Fever)
  • Your confidence is everything here, if you believe you can do it, then you will do it
  • You shouldn’t be fooled by the goalkeeper playing tricks such as dancing online on something else like it
  • For the best take, you literally have to imagine the ball going in before you actually shoot, this will decrease the chances of you failing to secure a goal
  • Good news, there are no daisy cutters here, so just hit the ball you want to and you are not going to miss it
  • When you are going to take the penalty shoot, first thing you need to prepare yourself is of the emotional rollercoaster you are going to ride

The Penalty Fever kicks are engraved in a player’s head, eventually the one they miss. The fact is, these shots are 80/20 percent mental. No doubt anyone can kick a ball 12 yards, but the pressure rockets to when it comes to scoring a penalty kick.

If you are a knight in shining armor, yeah you prefer to take the weight on your shoulders, or you have nerves of steel, and then these kicks should mean a thing to you. A word of advice, these are not the times for you to experience, see what works out best for you or hit the ball like you mean it. This is the time where you need to straighten up.

If you strike the ball where you feel the most comfortable, but the keeper comes up and ruins you day. Hold on, this is certainly not the worst part. It’s about to come, hey come up to get rid of the best you go and it is hitting you with your shot, it’s like losing somewhat what you thought you would have won.

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